• An Alternative
    Marketing Company

    Breathing real life into your brand, KANGA provides a unique perspective on storytelling, marketing, and social immersion.

  • 8/26/2014


    KANGA direct the Fuse Lenses product shoot in Anna Maria Island. View the sneak preview in our KangaTales blog post.

  • 7/23/2014


    Replace Yourself video project in the Idaho Rocky Mountains. View the behind the scenes content in our KangaTales blog post.

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Live in Our Elements
Where Magic Happens

Golf Course,
Lakeland, Florida

KANGA works in the real world, where we can touch, see and experience adventure. An endless sense of wanderlust, curiosity and an insatiable urge to be the best. Founded in 2008, KANGA brings years of experience and adds their own unique twist to marketing, design, and digital storytelling.



Capturing moments in motion that matter the most.


Immersive 360 Photos that will make your head spin.


Our approach to design is simple, as it should be.


We Work Hard, Play Hard,
But Always Think Harder.

A talented mix of educated creatives, thinkers, doers, and believers.
This is the KANGA Krew.

Chase Sellmeyer
CEO/Creative Director

Founding Kanga in 2008 Chase always strived to be ahead of the proverbial curve. A marketing man at heart, Chase does his best work in video and virtual immersion. Although the methods of his madness have changed over time his mission to create the best digital content available for his customers has not. Chase is tasked as director, visionary and embodies the full Kanga spirit.

Barbie Sellmeyer
Brand Director

Barbie brings experience working for Fortune 500 companies in marketing and branding on an international level. Having worked from NYC to London and finishing her MBA in Thailand, she brings a true global understanding of how to navigate the social landscape through content marketing to create a unique voice for your brand.

Holt Walker
Graphic Designer

New to the Florida landscape, Holt brings years of lifestyle and design experience to the Kanga team. His dedication towards learning and passion for new techs and design methods makes him am irrefutable threat. Holt’s outlook on alternative marketing, originality and insight into emerging markets give our clients the upmost certainty that their brand will be represented in a modern and unique fashion.


We have the Coolest Clients
On the Planet

It’s impossible to ignore:

They are pioneers and risk takers always looking for that competitive edge. Legendary entrepreneurs whose sense of adventure is unrivaled by their creativity. The doers, the thinkers, left and right brainers. The leaders, the strategist, the movers and shakers. From community leaders to some real rock stars (literally!), they trusted that #KANGAKAN accomplish their storytelling aspirations.


Lantua Island
Hong Kong

Capturing Moments in Motion
That Spark Imagination

We are a marketing company that does its best work through video; this is the way it should be. Hollywood can have their filmmakers, blockbuster mentalities, and bottomless budgets, but Kanga knows the message outweighs the medium... Don’t let your company productions suffer anymore: hire a team that understands today’s digital marketing tactics.




& Adventure

Telling life's most important stories to enhance ones personal or business life is one of the most rewarding experiences any company can ask for... and we do it really, really well.


Adventure is in the lifeblood of Kanga. There is no shot too extreme and nothing we won’t try for our clients. We give you a team that puts all they have to capture the moment!


We love telling stories that spawn a positive economic reaction. Our videos spark the imagination, ignite the senses, and drive adventure for all ages.


Our itch for progression and international experience has helped us create a company lifestyle rivaled by few and envied by many. We put our clients on the forefront of "it".


Today’s average person has a 0:07-second attention span. Lesson learned… NEVER BE BORING!

Ho Chi Minh City,


Creating Marketing Videos
One Story at a Time

The power of video is at an all time high. Never before have consumers demanded such vast types of video content. Kanga creates digital content that inspires decision-making, increases brand loyalty and drives sales. Tailored for mass marketing we create content that won’t go stale in a social media feed. Take a moment to fall in love with some of our past clients below.

Immersive 360 Photos
That will make Your Head Spin


Putting Your Customers
Where it Matters Most




Integrate 360 panos in your website, blog and Facebook page with our easy to use embed codes. Service multiple media outlets with the same embed code to enhance their digital storytelling of your location or products. Never has it been so simple to share your space.


Using interactive PanoSpots we bring your 360 tours to life with intigrated audio, video & amazing digital assets. Enjoy our many virtual tours scattered throughout the site.


Empower your sale force by providing them elegant virtual tours to showcase your location and services. Bringing the “WOW” factor back into a first and last impression!

Our Approach to Design is Simple
As it Should Be

Listen. Innovate. Create. Perfect.


We create websites that have it all: Beauty and Brains.

  • Exceptional Site Design
  • Graphic and User Experience
  • Mobile Ready (not an app)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Video/Photo/Virtual Tours/Gallery
  • Simple Client Managed




Replace Yourself video project in the Idaho Rocky Mountains. View the behind the scenes content in our KangaTales blog post.

  • Exceptional Site Design
  • Graphic and User Experience
  • Mobile Ready (not an app)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Video/Photo/Virtual Tours/Gallery
  • Simple Client Managed


Our apps are out of this world!

  • Custom Functions
  • Events Calendar
  • Media Gallery
  • App Store Advertising
  • iTunes, Google Play, HTML 5
  • Unlimited Functionality


Giving you a “Wow” moment,
again and again.

  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Alternative Marketing
  • Design Consulting
  • 3D Graphics

Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Well at Least Sweat


Lens Replacement
Brand Identity Client

Fuse Lenses was Kanga Marketings premiere agency client. Several of the objects on the table are interactive, so feel free to click around. Enjoy!

  • Video Production
  • Web Design
  • Promotional Products
  • Photography
  • Content Generation
  • Business Development
  • Branding

Kanga Marketing Has Put The Fun Back In Our Business Routine.

The day to day of running the business had gotten us into a rut. Generating new sales was boring and our brand was losing its direction. Enter Chase Sellmeyer and Kanga Marketing. They took the bull by the horns and repositioned our brand to be relevant, powerful and fun. The change in public’s perception of our business and product quality has helped grow our sales and solidify a lasting impression on the marketplace. We were truly lost without Kanga. Now our passion for what we do oozes out in our Social Media outlets, videos, product placement and store designs. If you are losing your brands direction or don’t know how to put the plan into action…..‪#‎KangaKan‬! A short story - I recently pulled into my driveway, coming home from another long day at Fuse HQ. The sky had opened up and a down pour ensued. My kids (3 and 7) had been stuck in the house all day and were growing restless. Suddenly, I remembered how much fun a rainy day could be when I was little! I put on their raincoats and boots and watched them tentatively push out into the summer shower. Soon, their playful laughs and puddle jumping had lured me into the action. In the moment, I forgot about how hard being a parent was. They really showed me that you can make your day to day fun again. Kanga Marketing has done the same for me in my business.

They showed me how to make a growing business fun again.
They showed me how to play in the rain.

Brandon Dill


Social & Mobile Development

In July 2014 fuse was here with their social platforms. They had a very loyal following, but it was important that we increase the interactions. We increased post consistency, added humor, and were able to improve the quality of their social reach.


Yep, We're Still Here
Just Working Away



As a group of hard-working, dedicated, and talented people,
Kanga will help you reach your alternative marketing goals.