An Agency On An Adventure


We Work Hard, Play Hard, But Always Think Harder. A talented mix of educated creatives, thinkers, doers, and believers. This is the KANGA KREW.

KANGA works in the real world, where we can touch, see and experience adventure. An endless sense of wanderlust, curiosity and an insatiable urge to be the best. Founded in 2008, KANGA brings years of experience and adds their own unique twist to marketing, design, and digital storytelling.

Chase Sellmeyer
CEO/Creative Director

Founding Kanga in 2008 Chase always strived to be ahead of the proverbial curve. A marketing man at heart, Chase does his best work in video and virtual immersion. Although the methods of his madness have changed over time his mission to create the best digital content available for his customers has not. Chase is tasked as director, visionary and embodies the full Kanga spirit.

Holt Walker
Graphic Designer

New to the Florida landscape, Holt brings years of lifestyle and design experience to the Kanga team. His dedication towards learning and passion for new techs and design methods makes him am irrefutable threat. Holt’s outlook on alternative marketing, originality and insight into emerging markets give our clients the upmost certainty that their brand will be represented in a modern and unique fashion.

Capturing Moments In Motion


We are a marketing company that does its best work through video; this is the way it should be. Hollywood can have their filmmakers, blockbuster mentalities, and bottomless budgets, but KANGA knows the message outweighs the medium...



Adventure is in the lifeblood of KANGA. There is no shot too extreme and nothing we won’t try for our clients. We give you a team that puts all they have to capture the moment!


We love telling stories that spawn a positive economic reaction. Our videos spark the imagination, ignite the senses, and drive adventure for all ages.


Our itch for progression and international experience has helped us create a company lifestyle rivaled by few and envied by many.


Today’s average person has a 0:07-second attention span. Lesson learned… NEVER BE BORING!

Immersive 360 Photos


Virtual reality is the future of immersive content. Kanga’s immersive platform allows customers to showcase their business or institution in the most engaging and realistic way available today. Using a combination of 3D 360° panoramas/video, interactive hotspots and high end photography to create the best virtual reality experience.


Integrate 360 panos in your website, blog and Facebook page with our easy to use embed codes. Service multiple media outlets with the same embed code to enhance their digital storytelling of your location or products.

Hot Spot

Interactive hotspots can be programed to open galleries, play a video, navigate through a property, make a phone call or even help you order a pizza. Pepperoni and cheese please :-)

Pano Spots

Using interactive PanoSpots we bring your 360 tours to life with intigrated audio, video & amazing digital assets. Enjoy our many virtual tours scattered throughout the site.


Empower your sale force by providing them elegant virtual tours to showcase your location and services. Bringing the “WOW” factor back into a first and last impression!

Plain & Simple


Great design is more than just aesthetics. It can change the way we feel about a company and the products and services they offer. Through a multilayered process we employ thoughtful design to create a meaningful experience for your brand and its customers.


Anything we design needs balance, composition, and must be rooted in the brand's values. From the color-scheme to the thickness of every line, we try to take a company's message and mission, and represent that visually.


Web projects that combine beauty with utility. Sites that are built from the coding-floor up. Have a rockstar online presence.


If your phone can't see it...what's the point?


We develop edgy HTML5 sites that make a statement. Weather you are trying to pitch, sell, gather information or promote. Micro-sites made for a cause.

"Kanga Marketing Has Put The Fun Back In Our Business Routine."

Brand Dill
Fuse Lenses, Owner/Co-Founder

"Kanga Marketing Has Put The Fun Back In Our Business Routine."

Brand Dill
Fuse Lenses, Owner/Co-Founder


We look forward to working with you